Shipping Policy

Processing orders (Mon-Fri) the same day (until 18:00 GMT)

Delivery Time: 14 to 21 Days

The shipping method chosen by the buyer during Alite checkout must be used by sellers.

All Alite users should receive the shipping service specified in the description and preferred by the buyer in order to guarantee a great shopping experience.
What rules apply?

Items must be shipped by the seller using the buyer's chosen shipping method within the processing time specified in the description. They should:

Examine the price and delivery time before presenting a shipping service.
Ship things within the handling time indicated in the listing and be explicit about when they will be delivered.

Only include shipping costs that were actually paid to the shipping service and that were relevant to the price of shipping and handling the items being delivered.

Handling expenses, such as the price of packaging supplies and insurance

The actual cost of delivery confirmation or other services, such as a certificate of mailing, collect the delivery, delivery confirmation, registered mail, restricted delivery, return receipt, signature confirmation, special handling, or comparable services

Comply with any category restrictions for highest possible shipping rates.

Upload precise tracking information. The shipping address specified in the listing must match the tracking number uploaded. Declare the item "shipped" once it has been delivered

Buyers may not:

• Use a slower shipping method than the buyer's preferred one.

When offering free delivery, take into account any additional charges for packaging and handling.

Postpone shipments after learning that a payout has been started.

Alite may take a number of remedies, such as administratively ending or cancelling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, decreasing seller rating, purchasing or selling limitations, and account suspension, depending on the nature of the infraction. There will be no refunds or any credits applied to your account for any fees paid or incurred in connection with listings or accounts when we take any action.

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