What does the nanofilm include?

  • When you order one nanofilm, you get a one-digit sticker. You can add the necessary symbols to the cart on website.

What happens if the nanofilm is scratched?

  • It is quite difficult to damage the Ecoslick® sticker because it is attached very firmly, forming an almost inseparable bond with the license plate. Even if there are scratches, it will be very difficult for the speed camera to determine which symbol is covered.

What happens to the nanofilm after washing?

  • Ecoslick nanofilm is not afraid of washing, any type of car wash. The film is almost impossible to tear off with water pressure. Therefore, be extremely careful and precise when gluing.

Is it necessary to put a film on the rear license plate of a car?

  • Depending on the terrain, speed cameras may be located in two directions and will record your car from both sides. We recommend gluing the film on both sides.

How is Ecoslick® nanofilm installed?

  • The sticker should be applied very carefully, since it will be impossible to change the position of the pasted film - it fits tightly to the surface of the number. You can see visual instructions on our set up page.

How many symbols are best covered with film?

  • The more symbols are hidden under the nanofilm, the less opportunities there are to decipher the number from the camera recording. It is recommended to cover all front and back license plates symbols.

How long will nanofilm last?

  • Ecoslick® film is designed for many years of use, since it is created from durable, wear-resistant materials designed to withstand difficult weather conditions, temperature changes and varying degrees of mechanical impact. The warranty period is 5 years.

What is the difference between an infrared flash and a camera flash?

  • Infrared light is highly focused rays that are invisible to the human eye and are different from the bright flash of a camera. It is in the infrared spectrum that automatic speed cameras operate. It is against this spectrum that Ecoslick® film acts.

What does the camera see when using nanofilm?

  • The camera only sees the illuminated area where the symbols are hidden under the Ecoslick® stickers, which blends into the white background. Accordingly, the digital system does not recognize the number and does not record it in the database of traffic violations. There is no one to give a fine!

Does nanofilm work during the day?

  • The infrared beams of speed cameras work both day and night.

Why should I buy your product?

  • Our Ecoslick® nanofilm is manufactured in Germany and is therefore reliable and effective. All numbers and symbols comply with the national standards of each country. We also provide a guarantee when purchasing a complete set of nanofilm, and if a fine is imposed, we undertake to pay it. On the market you can find offers with a suspiciously low price - accordingly, such a film will not protect you from the eyes of a traffic cop or simply will not fit the size of your license plate.